Saturday, March 19, 2011

6 / 365

Wrapped In Plastic
(Inspired by The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer)
Found objects:  Polaroid, cocaine packet, casino card, key, broken heart, handwritten journal entry, bound in fused plastic

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  1. Is that a Twin Peaks reference? I completely missed that entire series. Neverless, this assemblage is very mysterious, and a little disturbing to me. I'm dying to hear the story behind all of these objects ending up together!

  2. Yep, an AMAZING show! It began with the discovery of the town prom queen's body, wrapped in plastic and washed up on the banks of a river. The series explored the days leading up to her death. Through the course of the series, it was discovered that the beautiful, innocent prom queen, was not at all what she appeared. She was secretly a prostitute, a drug addict, and a victim of molestation by her father. She left a hidden diary that gave clues to her real life, as well as the key to a safety deposit box with more explicit evidence.

  3. sounds incredible...may have to upgrade my netflix membership to rent the DVDs. :)

  4. "She's deeeeeeeead. Wrapped in plastic."

    Such a good show. So many good quotes ("The gum you like is coming back in style."). Such a good 365 project as a result!